Brazilian Jiujitsu

Learn self-defense the fun way. Brazilian Jiujitsu is more than just a martial art. It’s a sport. Learn how to take your opponent down and get the submission.  Kids BJJ (4-7), Youth BJJ (8-14) Adult BJJ (15+) and Adult Kickboxing! (13+)


At Limitless Brazilian Jiujitsu we believe in our team. Whether you want to conquer the tournament scene, train for fun or are seeking to learn to defend yourself everyone is welcome. We are conveniently located minutes from downtown Trenton, Ontario

Positive Enviroment

Take a break from the stresses in your life and treat yourself to a truly enjoyable place to spend your time. All the while having fun and getting fit.

More Than Just A Kids Class

We do more for the kids outside of class. We take them to tournaments, offer kids P.A day training, birthday parties and special social nights.

Winning Team

Our instructors are proven champions. We will share with you the skills that have landed us on the top of the podium time and time again.


1 on 1 private lessons are a great way to progress quickly. Maximize your potential with personalized instruction


We keep our prices low to maximize accessibility. BJJ is for everyone and we want to provide it to as many people as possible


Just minutes from downtown Trenton

Something for Everyone

We offer 5 different programs and over 16 different classes per week

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