At Limitless Brazilian Jiujitsu we focus on providing high level instruction. BJJ is a ground based grappling martial art and is widely considered as one of the most effective martial arts in the world. Statistically street fights end up on the ground 90% of the time. You need to be able to defend yourself. It is important to be confident that the skills you have learned will work in this type of situation. We train with resistance. 1 on 1 grappling. In doing so, you quickly learn what works and what does not. BJJ is extremely rewarding for both self defense and fitness and most importantly is extremely FUN!

Sign up for a membership and you will learn some of the skills that helped UFC stars George St Peirre and Ronda Rousey win their championship titles. Don’t be intimidated. There are no kicks or punches involved in BJJ. The focus is on safely and effectively neutralizing your opponent. We offer both a kids class and an adult class. We are conveniently located at 136 Highway 33 in Trenton, Ontario.



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Jordan Preisinger

Head Instructor

Jordan is one of Ontario’s top competitors in the Brazilian Jiujitsu tournament scene. Notable accomplishments include multiple double gold performances (weight and open weight divisions), being featured on multiple Super-Fight BJJ events, Expert nogi division championship medals and belts as well as coaching his students to numerous gold medals. Jordan can be seen leading by example competing at nearly every BJJ tournament and has recently brought his BJJ expertise to the MMA scene compiling a record of 3-0, all first round submissions! Jordan is a brown belt under Steve Burgess of Evolution/Tristar MMA


Nikki Preisinger

Asst. Kids Instructor

Nikki is an assistant instructor and one of the best woman blue belts in all of Ontario. Nikki brings a wealth of expertise with an extensive competition history winning 7 gold and 2 silver and those numbers continue to climb. Being a mother of a 4 year old girl Nikki is well equipped with patience and understanding when teaching the kids class. Nikki also looks to help other women reach their fitness goals in the women’s only BJJ courses, having lost nearly 25lbs herself in her first 3 months of BJJ. You can see Nikki on the mat nearly every night working hard and teaching.

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