Adult Brazilian Jiujitsu

“Jiujitsu changed my life.” This is a phrase we hear from people all the time. There’s no surprise why. The confidence, fitness, self-defense, and social outlet are just a small fragment of the benefits!

Gi, nogi, takedowns, we have it all! Always lots of friendly men and woman on the mats that will gladly help you get better. No ego’s, just everyone training together in a positive environment.


Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, or get into the ring to fight you’re going to have a great time at class. You don’t have to step into the ring but you will train with and the same way our fighters do! Class consists of warm ups, pad work, drills, technique. Sparring is optional.

If group classes aren’t for you we do offer one on one private lessons!

Adult Mixed Martial Arts

We are one of the few Gyms between the GTA and Ottawa who offer dedicated MMA classes. Twice a week we combine all the arts together and have a great time drilling and sparring. We’re consistently getting our guys fights on events in Montreal and we always put on a great show!